Films of the Month




Dir. Luca Cutini

Italy, between 1943 and 1944: many Italian cities are bombed by the US air fleet. To protect themselves from attacks, hundreds of men, women and children are forced to take refuge in the underground tunnels of a small town, remaining confined to the bowels of the earth. Some men organize expeditions looking for supplies for the whole community, putting their lives at risk. Among these men is Paolo, husband of Anna and father of Luca, a ten-year-old boy, whose only desire is to go out of that dark and cold place. But the outside world is too dangerous for him.




9401c9be75-posterHelping Hand

Dir. Austin Smith
United States

A young man, with the help of a unique friend, just wants to ask out the barista that he sees everyday before work. Can he gain the confidence to do so, or will he let his fear be the best of him.