Films of the Month-2018


2cc620800a-posterRescue Masha

Dir. Alina Mustafina

20′    2018     Turkey

A Russian villager, Natasha, sees bad news about Turkey on TV and despite of the biased opinion, decides to travel to Istanbul and rescue her niece Masha, who is married to a Turkish man. Will she be able to find her in a big foreign city?


MARCH  2018

6194f88045-posterBy Blood

Dir. Guillaume Enard, Jonathan Delerue

20′  2018     France

Once a ruthless war lord who won his land by his sword, Mort-Lieu is now a sick old man. A mysterious knight appears ; Mort-Lieu believes the stranger is Death himself coming to get him. Facing his own end, Mort-Lieu has to confront his legacy.


APRIL  2018



Dir. Cal Croft

13′    2017      Australia

Two young boys battle imaginary monsters together, but soon one’s violent home life is exposed and it is up to his friend to intervene.



MAY  2018

Dir. Matthieu Vinel

10′   2018     France

Two friends, a filmmaker and photographer, traverse the vast expanses of Namibia in their 4×4 Ford Ranger.
Discover with them the wild animals of Etosha, the incredible richness of life in the Himba village or the volcanic mountains of Damaraland and meet the locals in Katutura, a poor district in the capital.
This hypnotic roadtrip will show you something of the soul of this majestic and arid country where time passes differently.


JUNE  2018

poster-9-5-03_39 to 5
Dir. Filippos Tsapekis
12′   2017     Greece

A world in which prohibited to be tired.





JUlY  2018

Dir. Aloiz Krisak

14′   2017    Canada

3 months after the accident that left his little brother wheelchair-bound, Matt, an outgoing 20-year-old, returns home.
Matt will soon realize that the accident has turned his brother into a totally different person; he is not the same bundle of joy anymore, instead, he has turned into an introverted kid who tends to spend most of his time creating artworks that depict outer space in his room.
Matt’s sole objective will be to rebuild the fraternal bond both of them shared before, even though he might not be able to accept the new reality his brother lives in.

AUGUST   2018

e19785ee84-posterREBIRTH (PUNARJANAM)
12′       2017        India

This film reflects human insensibility, false ideals and hypocrisy. The character of the story of this film is a hunger person,who has to undergo many struggles and pains to get his food. Choosing the money being thrown by the people involved in the funeral of the old man going to cremation, he reaches the crematorium and he gets engaged in search of his food. After cremation the useless things which throw in the river Ganga are not even given to him . And he is driven away from there. He gets food after a lot of struggles but perhaps that food is not considered suitable for human consumption.
In the process of eradicating his thirst with cow’s urine and hunger with the straw of the cow,people understand him as a great saint,mahatma or divine man and start worshiping him like god.But the hungry person unware of all these things, still considers himself helpless and lonely.But in reality it has been REBIRTH.


72c4d49572-posterIt Follows

Dir. Eresha Sale

7′  2017   United Kingdom

A man’s dream about death seems to pursue him once he wakes up.




adc7b12ef8-posterBeautiful Cake

Dir. Brian McWha

Canada   2018

Two high school students sneak into the seemingly abandoned mansion of the neighborhood legend ‘Donny’. Believing him to be gone or even dead, they soon find that he is very much alive when he locks them in his basement.




Dir. Fabienne Giezendanner

Switzerland 2017

Two billionaires are each building their new home. And it will be up to them, who will build the tallest one. They take each their turn. Their houses become skyscrapers. Since they are always looking at the heights, their spines become crooked, making their heads be tilted upwards. Now they no longer see the workers nor the staff, not even their peers. One day the architects no longer want to build higher. The two billionaires, being in perfect “equal height”, decide to pursue competition on their own, without architects, without engineers, without workers and without their house workers. Suddenly the house of the first billionaire collapses, while the second one is locked in his solitude.
A fable about the madness of men, a humorous critique of the modern world, of competition at any price and of the “always more”. There is a political theme, but it is not only one of many criticisms of the consumerist society. Beyond this announcement of the end of the world, we must also read the opportunity to reinvent the future.



Dir. Jimmy Boutry, Thibaud Chaufourier

France 2017

In a manor out of time, a man begins to paint a canevas.